While working on a research project in Vienna in 2012 and already dancing tango regularly I went to a Milonga-as one does.

There I met members of the Alejandro Ziegler band from Buenos Aires touring Europe, Alejandro, bandoneon player Leonel Gasso and bass player Guillermo Delgado.

We got chatting during the Milonga and arranged to all meet up in London at Corrientes one of the main Milongas in London run by Mina and Giraldo, who would end up dancing in the show in 2015!

In London I spoke to Guillermo about my plans with the script and he was enthusiastic. He would eventually play at the launch at Kings Place in December 2013 just after touring Europe again with his wife, also a singer.

I met up with them all recently in Buenos Aires and we plan to work together there very soon and certainly before the end of 2017 when I plan to go to Brazil with another project, Cuban Classics in the Festival of Foz de Iguassu.