Another artist who played a major part in the birth of VLT was Gilles Gubelmann.

Painter, opera designer, director and also fine tango dancer, based in Vienna, Gilles is the author of our beautifully coloured projections suggesting first the slash of a knife opening out into the streets of La Boca, the Mouth of the old port area of Buenos Aires and the mighty Mar del Plata-a huge river outlet like a sea which stretches across the bay to Montivideo Urugyay. The Parana river flows down to La Boca from the breathtaking Iguassu Falls where three countries, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet.

They are a powerful emotional backdrop to the story we tell. As Gilles is submerged in opera tradition and also a trained dancer he was the ideal design collaborator. He also designed my red and black lace dress and the 1940’s costume setting for the Band and soloists.